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Hello ... I'm Erica Marie Hogan, an author with no limits when it comes to genre! Welcome to my official author website where you can learn more about me, my books, and what I'm currently working on. Since I was ten-years-old I knew I wanted to be a writer. There simply was nothing better in this whole wide world than that of a good book and so, my journey toward being a creator of those books began. Then, when I grew up, there simply was no other passion greater than writing a good book while sipping a vanilla latte and nibbling chocolate.
As I begin a new journey in my writing career, I hope you will follow along. Explore my books of the past and look forward to my works of the future here!
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Praise for Erica's Novels

The Lost Generation

"The unexpected events in this introspective novel feel authentic, and I imagine these characters as real people living during a difficult time. As I read the final chapters, I couldn’t help wiping away tears."


Johnnie Alexander, author of Where Treasure Hides and the Misty Willow Series

Winter Queen

"Hogan's rich prose alone would've made this an enjoyable read, but add intricate world-building and a set of loyal, spirited sisters, and I was completely hooked! Her tale, equally beautiful and mysterious, gets the reader's heart beating ever-faster as the story threads twine together in a complex web of powerful magic, questionable loyalties, and impossible choices. But even in its darkest moments, Winter Queen glimmers with undercurrents of courage and hope. In a word: captivating."


Laurie Lucking, award-winning author of COMMON

Crown of Flames

"With storytelling that draws you in and heroes that carve themselves into your heart, Crown of Flames is a masterpiece that will stay with you long after the final page has been turned."


Tabitha Bouldin, author of Trial by Courage

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