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Once upon a time ...

Erica Marie Hogan was born and raised for the first nine years of her life in New York. Though she now lives in Texas, New York will always be home in her heart! At ten-years-old she discovered her deep love of story, leading her down a path she would never turn away from. Her dream to create stories grew with her until, one day, a publisher took notice. Now, Erica is the proud author of five published novels. Four Fantasy, one WW1 Historical Fiction.

Erica was homeschooled, is an avid reader, and a member of ACFW. She lives to plot new stories, enjoys a good tear-jerker, and chocolate is her cure for any ailment. Her wish is to continue to write stories that not only drop her readers into the middle of historical time periods, but also to show the ability to rise up out of adversity and tragedy in hope, faith, love, and strength.

Erica's tagline When it Comes to Genre, There are No Limits, came from her love of all genres and her passion to write in as many as possible. Now, as her writing has grown and developed, she herself has grown and developed, discovering a new passions along the way. She hopes to continue to touch her readers as she explores genres from Historical to Romance to Fantasy.

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