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What I'm Working on Now ...

The Red Bird in the Tower

(A League of Extraordinary Women, #2)

Historical Fiction is my true love. No matter what other genres I explore in my writing journey, I always find myself coming back to Historical Fiction. When I set out to write a World War II novel, I never imagined it would develop into a series of FIVE books!! You can't even imagine how exciting that was for me. Right now, I'm working on finishing up Book 2 of that series, titled The Red Bird in the Tower. While all the books in this series stand on their own, I'm excited to share that one character from Book One of the series will make an appearance in this second book. The Red Bird in the Tower is about a young Russian woman called Katya who travels to America to begin a new life with her son and meets a ex-paratrooper who stirs her heart. But Katya has a secret she's determined to keep and falling in love with Michael could force her to reveal the truth.

This book will take you on a journey to post-war New York as well as catapulting you back in time to the battle of Stalingrad, where the Red Army was recruiting young women to fight as their forces were defeated. I am very excited to share this story with you, as it definitely falls more into the category of Historical Romance than just simply Historical Fiction. Hopefully, I'll reach my goal of an April deadline and you won't have to wait too long!!

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